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5 Benefits of using Cloud-based ATS

5 Benefits of using cloud-based ATS

Cloud is not just the trend, its the most essential thing in technology space. From large enterprises to start-ups, everyone is either in the process or preparing to move their core business functions to the cloud. So, how come the Recruitment business could be left behind?  Here are some reasons why you should choose a cloud-based applicant tracking system?

As a part of the recruitment industry, you must have heard by now about the various benefits of using a hiring automation tool, more commonly known as an applicant tracking system. Many of you must be experiencing it firsthand. But what about a cloud-based ATS? How does it make more sense, than say, your locally hosted ATS?

Here are 5 benefits to start recruiting with a cloud-based applicant tracking software:

1) Cloud-based ATS Improves Accessibility

It gives freedom to access from anywhere. While on-premise software will require you to be physically present in the office, an ATS with cloud capability will let you work from anywhere with just a computing device and an active internet connection. Working from office is not the most convenient option at times and therefore, having a cloud-based system is of much use as it allows retrieving information and data from anywhere, anytime, 7 days a week.

2) Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System is quick to deploy

As compared to traditional software installation which is often bulky and requires expert installation skills, resulting in more efforts and time, a cloud-based applicant tracking system can be installed quickly and let you up and running in no time. Also, cloud-based recruitment software does not require much training as compared to legacy software. Without the need to spend time in processes like procuring licenses, setting up servers deploying cloud-based software is a much speedier process.

3) Cloud-based ATS speeds up the recruitment process

Owing to the number of stakeholders involved in recruitment, the entire process becomes a lot of complex and time-intensive. Using cloud-based applicant tracking software speeds up the entire recruitment process by reducing the response time between different parties involved as each update happens in real-time. Coordinating communication becomes easier resulting in a more streamlined workflow.

4) Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System is always up-to-date

With on-premise software, upgrading is a big headache. Either upgrade it manually or call in engineers for updating and loose your productive time. Also, sometimes updates are time-consuming, so companies decide to miss out at times and become vulnerable and outdated. The cloud makes upgrading a system a breeze. You don’t even have to know that an update is happening, and your productivity and work remains unhindered. The vendor regularly releases patches and updates, which are applied automatically whenever the system is idle. This way your cloud-based ATS is always updated with latest features and you can stay on top of your game.

5) Cloud-based Software reduces expenses

For a cloud-based software, you are not required to buy any costly license per user like that in legacy software. Also, you will not require buying additional servers and storage space to host the software, and also can save on employing a specialized IT technician for updates and maintenance. Applicant tracking systems based on the cloud result in significant cost savings and promise better ROI by improving productivity.