Recruiting software that will help your business grow

See how StartDate is tailored to your company’s needs:

StartDate Works for You

StartDate is designed to be everything your company needs, with multiple workflows, custom templates and configurable categories that fit your business. Save candidates and grow a database of reliable talent.

Collaborate Effectively

Unify your team with powerful notification tools, logs, and email functions that keep everyone on the same page. Talk about your talent with StartDate notes that allow your team to easily add and share new information on candidates.

Reduce Cost & Time to Hire

Search and process higher quality candidates faster with intuitive recruitment tools. Sorting and stages reduce your time to hire and help you screen for the best.

See what StartDate has to offer...

Attract the Top Candidates

StartDate's effortless application process, cross job board posting and custom workflows will have the best candidates looking your way. StartDate helps you hire the very best.

Grow Your Business

Scalable functionality grows alongside your company. Powerful search functions, bulk actions, automatic matching and ranking will keep you ahead of the curve and away from piles of applications.

Save Time, Save Money

Brilliantly designed to be easy to pick up and learned in a single sitting. If you can use a smartphone,you can use StartDate. Don't wait to start hiring either, StartDate is fast to implement, up and running in as little as 1 day.

Built for Ease of use

From the ground up StartDate is intuitively designed to be easy to learn fast to implement and effortless for applicants

Talent-Centric & Job-specific Recruiting

View your company's job openings efficiently from one centralized location with complete candidate information a click away

100% Canadian

Keep your data safe and secure. StartDate stores all of its applications and databases on reliable Canadian servers