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The way the world of HR is moving, you’re looking at a future packed with discussions (read: polite disagreements) about how to advance your culture, spice up your benefits and bolster your employer brand just to stay in the game.

And numbers are damn compelling.

If you want the buy-in of your C-suite budget-holders, you must be able to assure them they’ll be getting that budget back, and then some. But getting that buy-in is just the beginning.

According to Deloitte, 70% of change initiatives fail due to misalignment between the exec team and the frontliners. Yikes.

Like it or not, on the road to becoming the best company ever, there will be times people (possibly even your CEO) question your plan. In these moments, you must be prepared with a strong ‘Why’, backed up by a strong number. Even if you don’t hit that number to the very last decimal point, your goal is to get as close to it as you possibly can — while making the entire company better in the process.

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